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Happy Five Months to an incredibly breath taking woman! I’m so glad I found you and that you’re in my life. I love that you make me laugh and smile uncontrollably and how silly you are with me. You have always been here for me and you continue to be here for me through some of the toughest things in my life. I cannot thank you enough for being supportive and loving. Here’s to many more months to come. I love you lots, Krysti Alaine. @krystilovescats

Photo 20 Apr We met a Husky at Furry Babies the other day and named him Max.<3 @mrrinqiuso18 @heyitschloie

We met a Husky at Furry Babies the other day and named him Max.<3 @mrrinqiuso18 @heyitschloie

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Gordon Ramsay is my favorite.

i just want to hug all of them

Fun story. I cooked for this dude, once. I did my kitchen apprenticeship at the family-style restaurant of one of New Zealand’s premiere chefs, and he knew Ramsay really well. He was in New Zealand for a few weeks, and Martin brought him by the restaurant to check it out. It was right on the beach, fucking gorgeous. I was the only one there (apprentice = bitch work = 4am starting shifts), and they asked me to whip up some breakfast for them. It was SUPER simple, fried fish, eggs cooked in bread, sausages. He was incredibly gracious and kind, asked me to join them (I couldn’t, too much work to do, so they sat at the kitchen window so they could talk to me), and was super interested in hearing about my english grandma, who had taught me how to cook. I won’t hear a single bad word against this man, for all of his kitchen hysterics, he treated me like an equal.

gordon ramsay fandom

If you’re not in the Gordon Ramsay fandom you’re wrong.

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Photo 16 Apr #WCW @krystilovescats 
#lover #bae #girlfriend #thebest

#WCW @krystilovescats
#lover #bae #girlfriend #thebest

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Knit Tie Via


Knit Tie Via

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Anonymous asked: how have you been doing?

I’ve been good surprisingly.

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Anonymous asked: you're totes hawt


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Jonah what’s your snapchat


Jonah what’s your snapchat

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*whispers in ur ear* would you like fries with that

*bites lip* oh yeah baby

*touches ur inner thigh* would you like to super size that

*pokes head through the door* we’re out of toilet paper


*pokes head through window* she said she’s out of toilet paper

wtf can we get some privacy here

*pokes head through the ceiling vent* no

I swear everyone on this high is website

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dating me means dating my anxiety and my random spouts of depression it means dating my panic attacks at 11pm or 2 am or 5am or anytime of the day for that matter it means dating my mood swings where i get really upset over everything about me and all my insecurities and how i’m not good enough because i’m never good enough


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when u find money while cleaning ur room

cupcakevevo:  listening to music alone in your room like

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